In the United Kingdom charities and non-profits have the flexibility of running fundraising raffles/Lotteries under the following guidelines:

Fundraising Raffles which do NOT require a license and registration

Societies that run small society lotteries, that is to say lotteries in which no more than £20,000 worth of tickets are put on sale and where the society’s aggregate proceeds from lotteries do not exceed £250,000 a year may operate without a Commission licence provided they register with their licensing authority. 

Fundraising Raffles which REQUIRE a license and registration

A society lottery is a large lottery and may only be run under an operating licence issued by the Commission if the arrangements for that lottery are such that total proceeds (ticket sales) from it:  
may in a single society lottery exceed £20,000
or the proceeds of previous lotteries in the same calendar year have already reached or may, taking into account the lottery in question reach £250,000 in one calendar year. 

Note to reader: this note is intended only as a general guide. Whilst the information provided here is correct, to the best of our knowledge, at the time of publication, we strongly advise you to seek the advice of the regulating authority in your area or the UK Gambling Commission

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