In this example, you'll learn how to use Lojjo to raise $1,000+ for your organization.

We'll use the pre-made 50/50 game from lojjo, and a few volunteers or staff to get it done. 

Here are the steps we'll take to achieve our goal:

  1. Create your account on Lojjo
  2. Obtain a license from your local Authority 
  3. Choose the 50/50 game from our library and set a time for the draw
  4. Ask your volunteers to help sell tickets using the Lojjo Sales Agent App 
  5. Sell 100 ticket = $1,000 Raised!

Tickets will be sold  for $20 each.

$10 (50%) from each ticket is contributed to the Prize Pool
$10 (50%) from each ticket goes towards the Benefit of the organization

Your game will feature a $1,000 Prize Pool with only 100 tickets sold!

With only 100 tickets sold, you'll raise $1,000 for your organization!

Ok, $975 to be exact; net of your Lojjo fees of  $25.00 (100 x $0.25)

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