If you are going to be selling to the public, then you will most likely require a license.

If you are a charity, sports club, NGO or other non profit, you should be able to obtain a License in order to raise funds for your organization. 

There are some cases where you do not need a License and the conditions vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

If you are having a Free prize draw, where there is no payment made for entry, then you probably won't need a license.

If you are having a private game where no profit is made, then a license might also not be required.

These include Work Lotteries (Office Pools) , Residents Lotteries (those living a a particular address) or Private Society Lotteries. 

For more Information, please read the Legal Bit section if your country appears in the list. 

Please remember to check your local laws and ask your local authority before selling any tickets.

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